The Artists


Leisa and Julie's new venture has involved a sea change converting and old auto-shop in Hastings into the new Studio space. Although the environment has changed, the work and creative atmosphere has not, both Leisa and Julie are working on converting this new space into not only their personal studio but opening it up to the public through workshops and events. 


Leisa Wharington

For over 25 years, Leisa worked from her studio in Merricks North. It evolved into an open, creative space for jewelers and painters alike, where an annual market was held to bring people together in a beautiful, creative setting. Now, she and Julie are carrying that same idea over to the new Studio & Co. in Hastings.

Although Leisa’s environment has changed, her work and creativity has not. The countless colours, shapes, and ideas in her natural surroundings feed her with inspiration everyday, and the glassblowing process continues to amaze her.

“Seeing something transform from grains of sand to a physical thing, just by adding heat — it’s not like anything else.”

Leisa designs her glass to be adaptable for both modern and traditional settings, without compromising the artwork for mass production or outsourcing. Because her pieces are handmade and never manufactured in a factory, mould, or jig, no two will ever look the same — making every Leisa Wharington creation a unique treasure.


Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton is a practicing artist and teacher who has been based on the Mornington Peninsula for more than a decade. She has created numerous exhibitions with her sculpture and works on paper as well as co-founding The Studio & Co alongside Leisa Wharington over the past year. Most recently Julie has been showing her work at the Cook Street Collective in Flinders and in 2015 won the Best in Show art prize at the Mornington Peninsula Art Show.

Julie’s creative approach is unique and often displays her quirky sense of humor, her work often described as whimsical and nostalgic with narratives that employ objects and characters with symbolic and metaphoric representations. She creates an almost surreal landscape, the Las Vegas boneyard, The Circus, or the Side Show are all regularly occurring subjects in her works, providing a stage or closeted environment. A place where nothing is quite what it seems, everyday objects take on a role of importance and mystery.

“In my work, discarded signage and oversized confectionary are the norm.”

Julie has most recently begun to re-direct her attention to teaching now offering classes at The Studio & Co’s new space in Hastings.

As a community based art teacher she likes to encourage her students to think outside the square, to make the artwork provoke thought and conversation.



Megan Greenwood

is influenced by her dreams, turning them into stories and recreating them into whimsical and imaginative wearable art.

She explores textures and materials to create pieces that feel as if they have been pulled up from the earth, from the ocean or woven by a little bird.

Megan Greenwood is a storyteller, a maker and a sculptor.

Emgee (Megan Greenwood) brought the first POD space to life. 
You'll find her out the back in her little worlds of escapism, jewellery designs for the whimsical at heart. 
Emgee pieces evoke narratives of sirens, with individual pieces inspired by any array of natural environments. 

You can find Emgee on social.



Leigh Houliston


The modern ScandiPOD (converted shipping container) at

The Studio & Co is brought to life by Leigh Houliston with her gorgeous ceramics, as The Captain’s Table.  

Leigh Houliston has been showcasing her secret talent for less an year, with hand made ceramic table wares.

Already on shelves in boutique home ware store HUSK, Leigh and her brand are about to make bursting into the scene look like a walk in the park.  

Pop in or peer in & browse the gallery, and Leigh's work.


Stephen Morris

Added to this eclectic mix of artists, is Stephen Morris,
a pioneer of Australian glass blowing. 

Through a series of serendipitous events, Stephen found himself taught by the master glassblowers of Scandinavia, where he found the importance of well executed forms, and clean simple design.

He produces large, vibrant and striking pieces and his skill has no boundaries